Friday, February 23, 2018
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SMS English: For Social Media

Here i am mention some shot message for using socaila media chat like Facebook and twitter. Please make sure that this is not for professional or official use.

BRB: Be Right Back
BTW:By The Way
BYOB: Bring Your Own Booze
LOL:Laugh of Loud
ROFL: Rolling off the Floor Laughing
TGIF: Thank God its Friday
HB2U: Happy Birthday to You
SOB: Stressed Out Bad
Gr8: Great
TTYL: Talk to You Later
ZZZ: Sleeping
IDK: I don’t Know
CIAO: Wishing God Bye/ Its and Italian Expression.Goodbye
2NYT: Tonight
LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
M8: hye Mate
NE1: Any One
EOD: End of Discussion/Debate
COS/CUZ: Because
N2S: Needless to Say
CUL8R: See You Later