Friday, February 23, 2018
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Sample of Interview Schedule for PhD Research Paper

Interview Schedule

Institute of Social Welfare and Research

University of Dhaka

Socio-Economic Situation of Rural–Urban Migrants:

A Study of Day Labor in Dhaka City


This is an academic requirement. You are requested to answer all the questions. It is promised that your answer will only be used for academic purpose and the information provided by you will be kept secret and confidential.


  1. Name of the Migrants :


  1. Present Address:


  1. Permanent Address:


  1. Age:


  1. Sex:


  1. Marital Status:


  1. Religion:


  1. Occupation:


  1. Educational Attainment:
  2. Family members:


  1. Who made decision to migrate to Dhaka?


  1. When did you come to Dhaka to live?


  1. Who moved with you in Dhaka?


  1. Problems faced by migrants after arrival in Dhaka and during stay


  1. What was the main reason for you come to Dhaka?


  1. Nature of your present work


  1. Your present monthly income


  1. Do you remit money to your village?


  1. Do you think that moving to Dhaka from your residence improved?


  1. If you have any dissatisfaction with present work?


  1. What is living accommodation in Dhaka at present?


  1. Is your livelihood condition improved after migration?


  1. Do you have planned to move to another place?


  1. What advice would you give to your friends/relatives/family members regarding migration to Dhaka?



  1. What is your expectation from government to ensure your right and increase your access to government facilities?


  1. What steps can be taking to decrease the migration rate to Dhaka city?

Thank you for your answer