Friday, February 23, 2018
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Personal Statement Sample for PhD Application


Statement of Purpose

I am just one of those who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things that I would like to do, to see, and to have experience. I have eagerness to innovative creation and this, perhaps; encourage me to do thought experiment. My curiosity always compels me to see a dream to set up a goal that is a result of perseverance, hard work, inquisitiveness as well as endurance.   I sincerely believe  that  I have  these  qualities. Moreover,  I am sensitive  and  understanding and  have  good maintenance capability to face any problem. I believe these special qualities are sine qua non to be a successful researcher.


From my early life in school I always showed commendable performance in the class and achieved top position which helped me to earn the preference of my Superintendent. He always inspired me to go to the field of science. In the field of chemistry, my interest grew from the higher secondary level. At this level I almost understood that it was related to our basic needs of foods, clothing, shelter, health, energy and environment. For example, study of mechanisms of photosynthesis and respiration, DNA self-replication, kinetics, thermodynamics, and action of bicarbonate buffer in human blood, each one of these always motivated me to pick out chemistry as major in my undergraduate studies. As a result, I got a broader field to explore my innovative and analytical skills.


In the higher secondary examination I attained excellent result with top grade in chemistry as well as rewarded by different national Scholarships. When I got myself enrolled in the University of Dhaka (DU) – a leading university of Bangladesh- these recent awards reinforced me during the study at the Chemistry Department of DU. After my first acquaintance with this department I got fascinated by the vast theoretical knowledge that had to be grasped, and the lab facilities for doing available practical work. Now I clear that chemistry is a central science that is related to physics, mathematics, biology and medicine etc.


As a part of my undergraduate program I had studied in different important aspects of chemistry and secured  the  4th   position  with  CGPA  3.62.  A  vast  practical  knowledge  about  qualitative  and quantitative determinations, industrial applications, co-ordination, and organic and inorganic synthesis are also provided from this department. I also studied physics and mathematics as minors in my undergraduate program. My undergraduate research work has on “Photodegradation of Orange Green by Fe(III)–Aqua Complex: An Effective Alternative to Fenton’s Reagent”. The main objective of this work was optimization of the photo-degradation process for improving the effectiveness of waste water treatment.


During my Master’s program, I developed myself in different fields like nanochemistry, supramolecules, advanced spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry and environmental chemistry. Here I secured the 2nd   position with GPA 3.88. As a partial  fulfillment  of the requirement for MS, I presented a thesis entitled “Preparation and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles and Their Application as Glass Supported Thin Films for Removal of Remazol Red RR from Aqueous Solution” The main objective was water treatment at advanced level than the common process. I would like to mention that I have two publications in national journal; one is “Preparation of ZnO by Precipitation Method with Characteristic Surface Properties for Application as an Adsorbent”; and the other is “ZnO Mediated Photodegradation of Aquous Solutions of Crystal Violet & Ponceau S by Visible light.” During my research period I got myself acquainted with many advanced instruments. After my MS examination result  was published, I joined  as a lecturer in chemistry at the Department of

Mathematics and Natural Sciences in BRAC University- one of the prominent private universities in our country. I have always cherished a dream to be a successful teacher and researcher.


Though I had studied the different fields of chemistry but I am impressed by the field of quantum chemistry because it can explain how the world works at a small scale. It can be used to model molecular behavior and speed up research (e.g design of N8 for rocket fuel). Amazing explanation of many observed phenomena such as black body radiation, photoelectric effect, and hydrogen atom spectra all are really helpful to improve thought experiment. It is true that I have a great fascination to work in the field of quantum chemistry but I did my research work in another field.  The reason is opportunities for research in quantum chemistry are not available in our country. But I did well in theory and obtained top grade in this course. I have a high confidence that my versatile knowledge and experience will help me succeed in this field if I get a good research exposure and opportunity.


From the website, I came to know about Kent State University (KSU) which is one of the largest universities in Ohio, United States of America. I am impressed by its world class research facilities and extensive research being carried out in quantum chemistry. Study of electron transport process through complex chemical systems will help to increase advanced energy conversion efficiency. Also, I am intrigued by the research on the analysis of charge transfer in photovoltaic materials and electron transport in thermoelectric applications using molecular bridges. Among the faculty members Dr. Barry Dunietz, is working on electronic structure modeling in this reputed university. Many national and international scholars are working in his research team, and I would love to be a part of it.

Therefore, it is a great expectation on my part to become a team member of graduate students in KSU doctoral program to conduct my research study and it is my strong conviction that you will find me as a deserving and distinctive student for the PhD program. I am also sure that this graduate study will provide me with an excellent foundation to become a leading researcher in my field of specialization. It would be a boon for me if the graduate admission committee kindly considers my appeal and provides financial support.



Thank you very much.

(Mohammad Akter Hossain)                                                                        Date: 14 December 2016