Friday, February 23, 2018
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Objectives for the First Fieldwork


The entry characteristics of students have been taken into consideration in setting the learning objectives for this fieldwork course. At the end of the first half of the second year of the curriculum, students will have been exposed to the following elements:

a.The social work profession (with some reference to the profession in Hong Kong), the generic base of social work practice, and the professional culture,

b.sensitivity to personal values, beliefs, bias and prejudice as a product of past socialization; and whether they are congruent with those of the professional culture.

c.The relevance of social work values and ethics in governing professional practice, and the awareness of value conflicts and ethical dilemmas;

d.The generalist orientation for conceptualizing the practice tasks, selecting intervention focus, and differential application of social work methods within the constraint of the infrastructure of social welfare in Hong Kong;

e.The generic social work process for implementing social work interventions at individual, family, group, organization, and community levels.

f.skill development – the cognitive, behavioral, and moral reasoning skills for implementing social work interventions;

g.The policy context and social welfare system in Hong Kong;

h.The social sciences basis for understanding “human behavior in social environment”;

i.The awareness of the notion of culturally sensitive practice and an appreciation of the issues pertaining to the cross-cultural application of the Western model of social work in the local context.

The first fieldwork placement will be the first exposure of students to real-life practice in a social work agency after 1½ years of classroom instruction. Students will acquire an identity in and experience with the staff and professional roles. Thus, this placement will be a goal-directed learning experience – largely incidental learning – for students to appreciate what real-life practice is like and how service delivery system operates in the organizational environment of a social work agency.
The learning objectives of the first fieldwork placement, and the expectations toward students with regard to what they need to try out, experience and attain through fieldwork instruction in this course, are described below:

a.Apply and integrate social work theories and methods in the fieldwork service setting – in line with the generalist orientation and in relation to the specific practice setting of their fieldwork placement.

b.Develop professional skills to implement social work theories and methods in practice
c.Understand agency administration and function
d.Consolidate their professional identify commensurate with the value and attitude of a social worker