Saturday, September 23, 2017

Terms and Conditions for use business leader magazine

General Terms of use:

Business Leader Club is bangle magazine published from Dhaka. This is very popular business magazine in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi business magazine is very few lists. Magazine market is very small and there have just a few magazines in Bangladesh. So there are some terms and conditions to use these magazine printed and online versions.

  1. This magazine have printed and online versions
  2. We published it from Dhaka Bangladesh.
  3. Everyone can give survey result by using online polls
  4. Business Leader Club can change terms and conditions time to time.
  5. Magazine covers and trademarks are property of business leaders own properties.
  6. This magazine is sell worldwide community and got highest selling award from Bangladesh government.
  7. Online version is absolutely free and open for 24 hours.
  8. We collect information by permanent salary based reporters
  9. Business leader club is liable for any kind of mistake and miswrote.
  10. We cannot give guaranty for third party website or news accuracy which we have used in our online web versions.
  11. We strictly mention our customers or partners security.


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